Thursday, September 24, 2009

From Disney on Ice to "Sexing"! What?

I know, right? Last Friday night we took the kids to Disney on Ice and had a wonderful time. We ate at the fair beforehand and bought all kinds of sugary, sticky, not so good for you stuff at the event. All of the kids enjoyed seeing Cars, Mickey Minnie, and Tinkerbell. Even Channing (7 months old) could appreciate the sounds and lights. I know you are screaming at your computer, "that's nice, but where does the sexing come in?" Oh, I will get to that my friends, but I needed to illustrate the innocence that once was. And by once was, I mean just last week. Ok, back to the icecapades. We had finished the show, two of the three were nearly sawing logs in the stroller, and we began our hike back to the car. Cadan, the only one coherent enough to make conversation, explained that he had enjoyed the show, but that he enjoyed more being able to take his two younger sisters to see the show....I know, awwwwww!

So, now flash-forward to Monday night. As a family we are congregated in our living room. The television is on, but muted. I had a Homecoming planning meeting to attend that evening and was getting some family lovin' in before I had to leave. Cadan looks at the TV, sees Jenna Elfman on her new show go into a room with some other guy. He proceeds to say, "OHHH, I know what they are going to do!" Insert sound of crashing car here!! JW and I look at one another and want to climb into the couch cushions. I ask Cadan, in my most 1950's June Cleaver voice.....What are you talking about Cadan? He replies, "You know, starts with an S and ends with EX!" He really has come a long way with this whole spelling thing, but I am thinking to myself that wasn't a spelling word on Mrs. Stewart's list. Are your mouths hanging to the floor; because, at this point mine was! He proceeds to tell us exactly what he thinks this thing that starts with an S and ends in EX is. He also mentions that teenagers do it while their parents are out of town.

I'm sure you can imagine the sickness that was welling up in my stomach and I had to be at a meeting in T minus 15 minutes. I look at JW and say, "This is a son/ DAD issue and I will be home shortly. Don't judge me! I just couldn't "bare" the thought of explaining this very adult concept to my baby that loved the Cars characters the other night. On my way to my meeting, I am calling anyone that will listen. I am simultaneously sending directions to JW via text. My directions went something like this, NO penis No vagina talk...keep it simple! I am happy to report that he did very well and took Chelsea's advice, my sister. He explained that the thing that starts with an S and ends in EX is a gift from God that allows married people to love in a special way. That, believe it or not, actually seemed to be enough for Cadan at this point in time.

Come to find out a boy at Cadan's school has taken it upon himself to educate the boys during bathroom breaks! While I appreciate Cadan's commitment to listen at school, this is one lesson we could have done without for a few years! I hate that as parents we work so hard to only provide relevant and age appropriate information and that one bathroom break could threaten his innocence. It really broke my heart. I want my kids to be kids and this incident only reaffirmed to me how important it is to maintain an open line of communication so I can monitor when that is being threatened. I'm sure this will not be the only time Cadan learns something in the boys' bathroom; however, I hope next time he is an adult and writing down some girl's number, like a normal, well-adjusted man!

Yes, I said that! Laugh! One must keep a sense of humor while raising children. Laughing may be the only thing separates me from a jail cell in a maximum security prison...laugh!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Labor Day here I Come

I am posting a few pics also....they don't really have anything to do with anything, but I want to and it is my blog!


It has been awhile, but not too long. Today, I was thinking about Labor Day. Labor Day is a celebration that was first acknowledged in 1882 in America. It is a day meant to honor workers by giving them the day off. This made me chuckle a little bit. Why? Well, in my past life as a teacher, hair stylist, even when I worked at the laundromat (which was disgusting) I would look forward to having the day of rest....a day free from work. Now, as a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom, as it is known on the world wide web) will I have the day off? Maybe I should hire a sitter for the day? Maybe I should explain to Cadan, Cali-Kae, and baby Channing that it is Mommy's day of rest and they cannot require any attention, feeding, etc. No, that won't work! What to do then? I know....I will not view my motherly duties as a job on this government mandated day of rest! Yes, this is my pledge! On Monday I will find utter joy in wiping the slimy, messy poop from Channing's bum. And I will take great satisfaction in placing Cali-Kae in time out when she hits her sister for the umpteenth time. I will pause in gratitude for the opportunity to explain to Cadan for the 50th day in row where God came from.....have you ever had to answer that question?

I hope my sarcasm can be sensed! I love my kiddos and I am thrilled to have the gift of being with them and providing for them. I just see the irony in looking forward to a holiday in which I am not qualified or eligible to celebrate!!! Those are my thoughts this Thursday at nap time...thank you God for nap time!!! We shall talk soon. I want to really get into some deep issues like: why do baby nails grow so fast and sharp, and why Channing has seeds in her diaper...I haven't fed her any seeds! Anyhoo, until next time.....enjoy your Labor free day!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Every week....YEAH Right!

What was I thinking? Obviously I had never been a stay at home mom before!!! The thought that I would have enough free time to write once a week.....I might just throw up in my mouth! I have loved the last three months, but so much has happened. I became discouraged with the thought of needing to write something important and I have come to the conclusion that importance isn't key; it is relevance that will sustain these posts.

With that being said, what is relevant today is that I am no longer a full-time stay at home mom. I have taken a position, with much pushing from Hubby, with JW's (hubby) construction firm. I am going to be handing all social media, community involvement, and marketing needs. My title, yes I have a title and business cards, is Community Relations Director.....fancy I know! Any-who, I have tried to work some from home and off and on at the office, but we have concluded that I must have a sitter a few hours a week to do this. AND, that is where it gets interesting..... Can I just tell you how hard it has been to find a sitter that meets our needs, isn't crazy, doesn't want a fortune, speaks some English, and likes kids? It has been difficult to say the least. We have three more interviews in place and I am hoping that this will work out.

So, I guess my original premise for writing the blog has changed. I am now chronicling the adventures of me! I promise to update more often and not be scared of posting!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here Goes Nothin'

Okay, so it's not Wednesday and I haven't hit a windfall, but I wanted to make my first post! Although, this blog is really a personal experiment I feel as if I should introduce myself to anyone that may happen upon it.....maybe that is just a rouge for me to acknowledge what I know about myself?

Here goes nothin': I am a 28 year old mother of three beautiful, crazy children. I have been married to my soul mate,(AKA the only one willing to tolerate me), for nearly ten years. As of June 1st I have become a stay at home mom. I left the wonderful, underpaid, under appreciated field of education to teach and care for my own kids. As anyone that knows me well would probably agree, I am too sarcastic, spoiled, and stubborn. However, somewhere amidst all of those undesirable qualities is my big heart, and i am excited to focus my heart on my family. My intentions were to post everyday for a year about my new "career".......WOW, was that an unattainable goal! I have been home for two weeks and I am just now able to feed, clean, and cage the kids. The cage part was a joke; of course I don't use a cage! In all seriousness, I may have underestimated the depth of my new job. Somewhere in my mind I thought, "I manage 30+ kids in a classroom all day long...3 should be no big deal! Woo Wee!!!

All the rambling is meant to explain my purpose for blogging. Simply, I want to journal about my adventures at home with my kids and what the daily obstacles and joys are! I'm sure as this blog develops it will become more refined and least, I can hope!!!